Chongqing Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. introduced a complete set of domestic advanced disc friction material production line and R & D equipment in 2017, from the drag test machine meeting the new national standard of gb5763-2018 to the performance test standards of AK-Master, Jaso c406, QC / T 564-2008 and SAE in the main engine market J2521 noise test standard bench test machine and other series of development and test equipment can fully meet the development needs of domestic and foreign host and after-sales market.

Chongqing Sanmu hired well-known experts in the industry to undertake the research and development of friction material technology. It has many years of experience in product development and friction material research and development in the automotive engine / after-sales market, has successfully presided over the development of disc brake pads and brake shoes for many models in China, and has developed and used safe and comfortable ceramic disc brake pads. The noise probability almost reaches or even exceeds the same performance level of some well-known friction materials in China, and has a very high cost performance ratio, and has been awarded the title of national International recognition of a famous auto parts brand. At the same time, we also hired NTC senior technical experts as consultants, relying on the rich experience of experts in Japanese automobile companies, to provide the most cutting-edge performance requirements and information for the company's R & D in the host market.

In addition to well-known experts, Chongqing Sanmu has also set up a young and vigorous technology and R & D team, which can quickly provide customers with high-quality technology and development services, and solve some problems in the use of brake pads for customers.