Sanmu (auto parts) group is headquartered in Xinhua Industrial Zone, Huadu District, Guangzhou City, covering an area of 22000 square meters. It is a new multi-element enterprise specializing in NVH materials and products for automobile, interior sewing, molding, brake pad and coating products.

With ten years of trees and ten years of wind and rain, Sanmu (auto parts) group has now formed five regions covering South China, central China, Southwest China, East China, North China (and the East, West, north, South and North). Focusing on the auto parts industry pattern of major domestic auto industry bases, it has five subsidiaries: Chongqing Sanmu jiayuehan Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and Chongqing Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd( Yunyang), Hangzhou Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Wuhan Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., Dalian Sanmu North Auto Parts Co., Ltd. and set up offices in Tokyo, Japan.

Sanmu group has transformed from an early pure processing and manufacturing enterprise into a global auto parts supplier, focusing on talent cultivation and scientific research and innovation. The group's technical management team has master's degree or doctor's degree, with the characteristics of specialization, knowledge and youth. Through a number of professional research and development teams and 300 ㎡ R & D center, it has promoted traditional technology into the field of science and technology innovation, and has achieved There are many achievements in scientific and technological innovation patents, 39 utility model patents and Ming patents, and 4 high-tech products. They are among the top enterprises in the same industry, and they have won the honorary titles of Guangdong Province for several consecutive years, such as abiding by contracts and keeping promises.

The headquarters base is located in an advantageous geographical position, in the center of an important automobile industry base in South China, 2km away from Dongfeng Nissan, and at the same time radiates the main engine plants of GAC Honda, GAC motor, GAC Toyota, Foshan Volkswagen, Shenzhen BYD, etc. For a long time, it has obtained NVH products of Nissan Qida and other models for Dongfeng Nissan's first-class supporting enterprises. With the continuous development of the business, NVH products of Nissan Bluebird, Xuanyi, Honda Acura, songshitu and other models have been successfully noted, including sound-absorbing cotton, non-woven fabric, EPDM and PU foam products.

Sanmu group is actively exploring the upgrading and transformation of the "ecological industrial chain of intelligent environmental protection products", adhering to the business philosophy of "integrity-based, quality first, customer first", adhering to the quality policy of "quality excellent environmental protection, continuous improvement, and excellence", adhering to the market-oriented, customer-centered, relying on excellent equipment and exquisite technology, striving for survival with quality, and relying on Services promote development, its products are widely used in all parts of the car, outstanding performance, committed to become a global supplier of high-quality auto parts!