The core material of medical mask will be "made in Chongqing"

时间:2020-02-25 13:12:16

The first reporter learned today (February 24) from the Municipal Economic and information commission that Chongqing Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., located in Yunyang County, is transforming its production of medical mask raw material melt blown cloth. It is planned to produce about 1 million medical masks a day after it is put into production by the end of this month.

In Chongqing Sanmu production workshop, the first reporter saw that the first batch of melt blown non-woven fabric was in trial production. It is understood that the medical mask consists of two layers of non-woven fabric and the melt blown non-woven fabric in the middle, and the melt blown non-woven fabric is the core filter material of the mask. Chongqing Sanmu, which produces the sound-absorbing material for automobile interior decoration, originally had the basic conditions for producing the filter material for the mask. After the equipment transformation, the enterprise has now successfully transferred to production.

Shi Qin, executive director of the company, said that at present, through self-test, the company's products can achieve more than 95% of the filtering performance and meet the requirements of medical protection level.

At present, Chongqing Sanmu has overcome the technical difficulties and passed the sample test by the third-party testing agency. The Municipal Economic and Information Commission has also assigned special personnel to connect with enterprises, coordinate logistics, human resources, raw materials and other issues, and ensure the rapid production of enterprises.

According to Liu Xuemei, director of the exchange and Cooperation Department of the Municipal Economic Information Commission, at present, Sanmu is the only enterprise in Chongqing ready to change production to produce melt blown cloth. In the next step, they will continue to fully assist the enterprise and coordinate the raw material procurement channels, bank financing and other related work.

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