Three people in action

时间:2020-02-17 15:54:15

Wuhan epidemic affects the hearts of the whole nation. In the face of the epidemic, the whole nation has worked together to overcome the difficulties. In this extraordinary period, everyone is praying that the epidemic will come to an end soon, and that our normal life and work will be restored. Long live freedom. Sanmu people do not burden the government and the state:

1、 Respond to the call of the government, take measures for epidemic prevention and control, do not go out, do not visit, do not assemble, etc

2、 Actively cooperate with the local government to do a good job in various investigations and personal current physical condition reports

3、 Pay close attention to the requirements of the local government where each company is located, make all preparations before resumption of work and control measures after resumption of work

This outbreak is unexpected, especially at the time node of Spring Festival and Spring Festival holiday, plus the new situation of the virus, it can be said that everyone responded to the call of the state and participated in the fight against the epidemic in their own way. We are automobile people, and all walks of life in the automobile industry have always been the most determined practitioners of social responsibility. In the battle against the new coronavirus pneumonia in the race against time, Sanmu people in the automobile industry are not idle. They always pay attention to the changes of the epidemic situation and matters related to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation, and strive to make their own contribution to the prevention and control of the epidemic situation.

As we all know, 3M is the world's largest manufacturer of N95 masks and the largest manufacturer of sound-absorbing cotton for automobile interiors. It is the first to use polypropylene melt blown materials in the three fields of clothing warmth preservation, air filtration and automobile sound absorption and sound insulation. The key raw materials for producing masks are polypropylene melt blown filter materials with mass flow rate of 33-41g / min, while the sound-absorbing cotton factory in automobile industry The domestic part has the production capacity of polypropylene melt blown, and the rapid transformation of its production equipment for the production of polypropylene melt blown cloth will have inherent advantages. At present, several companies in the industry have started to use sound-absorbing cotton melt blown equipment for transformation, and then to produce melt blown filter mask cloth, which is the key raw material for mask, including Guangxi peer enterprises, Liuzhou Wuling, Guangzhou peer enterprises, GAC, etc.

At present, running against time is the key to win the battle of epidemic prevention. At present, masks have become one of the most scarce protective materials for national prevention and control and resumption of production after the festival. Under the personal command and supervision of Bi Wenfu, chairman of the board of directors, and Shi Qin, executive director, Sanmu group has mobilized the company's internal elites, fully integrated and mobilized resources, and sought various ways to support the production of anti epidemic materials, mask fusible cloth, and reduce the supply pressure of national anti epidemic materials.

At the beginning of February, after the board of directors of the group decided on the production plan of the melt blown equipment to support the production of the melt blown cloth, it immediately mobilized the group's resources, set up the group's project team overnight, mobilized the technical elite, equipment elite and procurement team through the network conference network office mode, cooperated with the expert Professor of "Wuhan Textile University" for technical support, and urgently allocated the group's funds for the transformation of equipment procurement and By February 12, we had successfully overcome all the technical requirements of melt blown filter materials for masks, and completed the sample production, feasibility analysis of equipment transformation and procurement of transformation equipment.

Chongqing Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. of Sanmu group is expected to complete the equipment transformation and trial production around February 17 with the support of the group's project team. A large number of raw materials will also be in place in succession. In the future, it will be able to produce the core filter materials corresponding to the mask, and it can be applied to various specifications for the production of ordinary, medical and N95 masks. It is expected to achieve mass production delivery and put into production around 25 days After that, more than 100000 square meters of filter cloth will be melted and sprayed for daily masks.

More protective materials, more reassurance and security, and earlier to stop the epidemic. In this silent war "epidemic", Sanmu group will do its best to overcome the difficulties, and wish the epidemic situation to pass as soon as possible and life return to normal. "Come on, Wuhan, China"!