[emphasis on action and implementation] taking innovation as the guide, Yunyang industry becomes a new growth pole of economic development

时间:2020-01-08 10:43:23

In recent years, with innovation as the guide, Yunyang County has encouraged and guided enterprises to increase technological innovation, technological transformation and capacity expansion through policies related to technological innovation and 33 related enterprises issued by the county, so as to promote the sound and rapid development of industry in the county and make industry a new growth pole of economic development in Yunyang.






At present, this enterprise is Chongqing Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd. settled in our county in February 2017. After nearly a year's construction, it has now entered into the production and operation state, becoming one of the enterprises newly put into production in the first quarter of our county. Shi Qin, general manager of Chongqing Sanmu Auto Parts Co., Ltd., said, "from the start to now, we can put into production so quickly, thanks to the nanny service provided by relevant departments. Including the approval of relevant procedures, the selection of plant site, as well as the renovation of some surrounding environment in the early stage of construction, we have given great support. "


In addition to the government's services, relevant business departments also make full use of relevant policies on technological innovation and 33 policies related to enterprises issued by the county to guide enterprise technological innovation. Innovation leads development. Because of innovation, since Chongqing Sanmu was officially put into production in January 2018, it has not only realized supporting within the group, but also realized the cooperative development and cooperation with other main engine plants including BMW, Chang'an, Lifan, Geely, etc. in NVH material, new composite friction material and seam coating. Through the R & D and innovation work in recent years, Chongqing Sanmu group now has five invention patents of friction materials and one invention patent of sound-absorbing cotton. With the support of these patented technologies, the ceramic brake pads, a new type of ceramic composite friction material produced by Chongqing Sanmu, can be compared with the products of the first-class friction material suppliers in the world.


Because of the technological innovation, the products of Chongqing Sanmu can compete with the first-class products in the world. As an old local enterprise of Yunyang, the Three Gorges Yunhai Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has also carried out technical transformation on its production line this year. By adding a set of devices to each automatic grain counting machine, the situation of manual rough inspection of product loading has become history.


It is through technological transformation that in the first quarter of this year, the output of the Three Gorges Yunhai pharmaceutical industry increased by more than 10%, while the operation cost decreased by 5%. Thanks to innovation, the industrial investment of Yunyang County increased by 10.6% in the first quarter compared with the same period of last year when the industrial investment of the city fell by 8.6%. The investment of 320 million yuan has been completed; three projects have been newly put into production, including friction materials, phase III of Jintian and metal dismantling; the industrial added value of the whole county has reached 14.3%, with a growth rate of 10.1%; among them, the industrial added value above designated size has increased by 10.9%, ranking the tenth in the city, laying a solid foundation for the stable development of the industrial economy throughout the year and opening a good situation.